That's Life! Five (5) Fun Botany and Ecology Experiments STEM Kit

  • $79.99

Ages 7+

$15.99 per experiment!

Materials for Five (5), Fun Botany and Ecology Experiments Included:

  • STEM Sisters: How Plants Work! (Introduction to Botany and Plant Anatomy)
  • STEM Sisters: How Plants Work! Fruits vs. Vegetables (What is the botanical difference between a fruit and vegetable, and why is that important?)
  • STEM Sisters Series: How Plants Work - Conventional vs. Hydroponic Farming¬†
  • How Ecosystems Work: Part 1¬†
  • How Ecosystems Work: Part 2

This Kit Comes Equipped With:

  • One (1) Paige & Paxton¬†Go Green¬†(Intro to Botany¬†Storybook)
  • One (1) Paige & Paxton Go Green¬†Companion Workbook¬†
  • One (1) Planting the Seeds of Curiosity Botany Journal
  • One (1) Set of Plant Specimen Classification Placemats
  • Two¬†(2) Planters¬†
  • One (1)¬†Bag of Potting Soil¬†
  • One¬†(1)¬†Soil Scoop
  • One (1) Set of Ecology Food Chain Stickers¬†
  • One (1) Set of Food Chain Templates¬†
  • One (1) Roll of¬†Clear Tape
  • One (1) Bottle of Tacky Glue
  • Plant Labels Stakes
  • One (1) set of ecosystems diorama materials*¬†
    • Assorted colors of construction paper
    • Assorted colors of paper muffin cups
    • Assorted colors of small paper cups and/or cones
    • Colorful straws and/or toothpicks
    • Assorted colors and sizes of craft sticks
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Assorted colors of cotton balls
    • Assorted feathers¬†
    • Assorted foam shapes

*Please note, diorama materials may vary. However, a generous assortment of materials will always be included to ensure a fantastic diorama for your STEM superstar!